1.    Do you know your current FICO score?


2.    If you know your FICO score, do you have a 740 or above so you can save the most money and have the most control over your financial position?

3.    Do you currently utilize credit related tools that enable you to monitor your credit reports and credit score, built positive credit habits and remove derogatory items from your credit reports?

4.    Do you have all of the following: Last Will; Living Trust; Health Care Power of Attorney; and Financial Power of Attorney?

5.    Do you have all of your personal and financial documents and information in a place the appropriate people could readily and easily find them should something happen to you?

6.    Are you aware that every 2 seconds someone's identity is stolen?

7.    Do you have some type of identity theft protection system currently in place?

8.    Do you feel you are on track to be debt free at this point in your life?

9.    Do you currently have a budgeting and debt-payoff tool or system that helps you pay off your debt most efficiently and enables you to know the exact time frame you will be debt free?

10.  Do you have $100,000 or more in life insurance?

11.  Do you feel that your formal education or your upbringing sufficiently prepared you to appropriately manage your financial and important personal matters as it relates to protecting your identity, credit, assets, real estate, personal property and family?

12.  Do you feel today's educational system is preparing our teens to understand credit, banking, home ownership and other personal and financial matters that will affect their future?

13.  If you knew a way, at an affordable price, to get all of the education and services you needed to protect yourself and your family would you be interested in knowing how to take advantage of it and be willing to talk to someone about it, as well as contributing towards financial literacy for youth across the country?

If you answered Yes to 9 or more of the above questions, congratulations! You are financially literate, likely responsible for protecting yourself and your family and probably enjoy peace of mind you have everything in order.

If you answered Yes to less than 9 questions, you are likely leaving your family unprotected, likely not handling your financial matters as you probably should and you likely don’t have the peace of mind you probably want. Therefore, the biggest question for you is, are you willing to do something about it?

Ask the Agent who sent you to this Financial Literacy Challenge website how you could be on the road to protecting your identity, credit, family, finances and future and how you could truly have the peace of mind you deserve. They have the answers!

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